How to create Password list using CUPP tool on Ubuntu

People do not create complex passwords. Their password consists of their name or surname, date of birth, favourite football team etc, so they can remember it easily. There are many tools which create password list using these parameters. Here we are going to discuss about one such tool CUPP and how to create password lists using it.

CUPP(Common User Passwords Profiler) is python based free and open source tool which generates wordlist for a specific user based on the information provided. It provides an interactive interface to build its custom password lists.

To run CUPP install Python3 on your Ubuntu.

Clone cupp repository from Github using this command:

  git clone
  cd cupp

You can view the available options using this command:

  python3 -h


Before starting you should gather enough information about the victim so that chance of password in the list increases. To start tool in interactive mode write this command and enter details.

  python3 -i


The file is saved in the same folder with the name provided above.